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15 Years in silicone Industry

Jution Silicone &Rubber Co., LTD is a leading silicone products manufacturer and molding service supplier in Dong Guan, China, is certified by SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, SEDEX, NBCU, Disney.

We focus on custom silicone baby products for more than 15 Years. We are the OEM maker behind the most of the brands.

Highlight: We are the only one silicone manufacturer of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot – Bing Dwen Dwen. >>

Our CEO & Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot – Bing Dwen Dwen

Quality and Safety

materials and Products, we ensure that…

  • Raw silicone materials we use passed FDA, LFGB, Halogen, PAHs, Phthalate, REACH, ROHS certifications
  • All the products we make, passed the FDA (US standard), LFGB (EU standard) and other request standard
  • Top-quality, food-grade, environmentally friendly.

our factory

One-stop service

We offer you full-service of silicone products from beginning to end.

mold Making

  • 21 sets of advanced CNC machining centers
  • 10 sets of EDM spark machines for tooling
  • 12+ designers and engineers

Silicone molding

  • 30 sets of silicone compression molding machine
  • 12 sets of liquid silicone rubber molding machines
  • 19 sets of multi-color precision dripping molding machine lines


  • 10+ Printing & Spray line
  • Independent Dust-free Packing workshop
  • Independent QC department, From IPQC To OQC


  • 1000+ square meter warehouse
  • 20+ professional sales and customer service.
  • 50+ skilled operators

popular questions

Frequently asked questions

We are a professional manufacturer & exporter in designing and manufacturing high-quality LSR/SSR silicone baby products over 15 years. We also accept ODM and OEM orders.

Yes, Jution Silicone & Rubber (Dongguan) Co., LTD is ISO 9001: 14001, BSCI, Sedex, SA8000, BRC, FCCA, NBCU, Disney Certified and registered with the FDA.  Our FDA register number is 3011147430. You can check from here.

Certified design, tooling & production, all Under one roof in Dong Guan, China.

We have 3 silicone molding technical in our factory except the silicone tooling we can make in our factory.

The 3 silicone molding technical in our factory are :

We can assist you in design for manufacturability (DFM) for your baby silicone products, but not design for form, fit, or function.

Also, we can offer you our suggestions to modify about the silicone baby products to pass the lab test.

All the Silicone baby products tooling will make in our factory (unless your want different arrangement) because we have the precision mold manufacturing workshops.

We are one-stop shop for custom silicone baby products projects from molds to final products.

We offer support throughout the entire process, from product development to after-sales service.

If you are searching for a new Silicone baby products factory either to make a mold for your next silicone baby products or a silicone manufacturer that provides a complete service (mold + production and packing together), Jution Silicone & Rubber (Dongguan) Co., LTD is the ideal partner you are looking for.

Yes, NDA /NNNA/NNN can be signed before you share your files.

We respect your intellectual property rights and promise to keep your information confidential.

NDA will be signed after we review the terms of the agreement.