Custom 100% Baby Safe Silicone teether

The baby Teether are made from 100% premium food-grade silicone. Safe for babies with no BPA, no PVC, no phthalates or anything silicone teether stand out in the market for their adaptability to both personal taste and practical needs, making them a popular choice among brands and retailers. The branded silicone baby teether to with add your logo, design, text or monogram for your upcoming event or get-together. Perfect for reflect your brand identity and enhance brand recognition.

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Custom silicone teether shape, size

You can customize the silicone baby teether size, the height from 50-150MM, The width from 100-250MM. The thickness from 0.5-30MM. The shape (With animal, Fish, Fruit, Flower,Heart etc, and embossed and debossed logo by opening the new tooling).

Jution silicone make the different shape from Animal to Flower silicone Teether. All the silicone teether easy to grip and soothe babies’ sore gums. The teethers designed to be easy to grasp by tiny fingers. 

The cute silicone 3D effect teether is perfect for little hands to grab and chew, helping to soothe teething gums. Absolutely no nasties.

Custom silicone teether color

The common color for the silicone baby Teether what we have is baby light blue, baby light peach, baby light pink. baby light mint, red, etc. You can customize the baby teethers’ color according to the Pantone book or the common color that we used. And also make the double color and marble color silicone teethers for you if you needed

Custom silicone teether pattern and Logo

You can customize the silicone baby teether pattern pattern with Printing depending on the pattern, color, and area by:

You may can put your pattern or logo on silicone baby teether by screen printing if your logo and pattern are solid color. Screen Mesh and jig needed.

You may can put your pattern or logo on silicone baby teether by Pad printing if your logo and pattern is solid color. Steel plate and jig needed.

You can choice the Heat Transfer printing for your silicone baby teether when you logo and pattern is multi-color, mixed color, fading, Camouflage, Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain colors. Printing film and jig needed.

You can use Water Transfer Printing for your silicone baby teether when you logo and pattern are colorful, Camouflage, Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain colors. Printing film and jig needed.

You can put your colorful, Camouflage, Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain colors logo or pattern by In-Mold Decoration for your silicone baby teether. There is a film and jig needs.

The Epoxy Dripping allows you to put your multi-color logo or pattern with 3D-effecting by putting on the silicone baby teether without printed. They can make embossed logo and debossed logo also. See the picture to get the difference. And for this kind of logos, you also need open the new tooling to custom everything you would like to put on the silicone baby teether.

Jution provide customized packaging solutions for manufactured silicone baby bibs. We offer one-stop services such as helping customers to design, develop, assemble and inspect the packaging, ensuring the appearance of finished products and the safety of transportation.

If you are not sure which logo or pattern is more suitable for your project, you can contact our experts for consultation or custom samples

Silicone baby teethers Material

In Jution Silicone, For the baby products. The material that we used for all SGS tests FDA/LFGB/PAHS/REACH/ROHS/VOM approved. The silicone baby teethers can be produced by HTV(HCR) Silicone Rubber or LSR Silicone.

For order quantities less than 50,000 pieces, We recommend our clients use the Fumed silicone rubber with platinum agent. This material was call platinum silicone.


AppearanceTransparent solid,without obvious mechanical impurities
Hardness, Shore A1.03±0.031.06±0.031.08±0.031.10±0.031.12±0.031.15±0.031.17±0.031.19±0.031.22±0.031.23±0.03
Tensilestrength, MPa5±110±220±230±240±250±260±270±280±289±2
Tensile strength, MPa1.
Elongation, %40060080072072062040032016080
Tear Strength, kN/m4101215202530251510
Shrinkage, %4.0~4.43.7~4.33.7~4.33.5~4.13.3~3.93.1~3.72.9~3.52.8~3.42.7~3.32.6~3.2
  • Hardness range for the silicone product: 50 shore A to 70 shore A
  • High tensile strength, high tear strength, good overall performance
  • High transparency, good processing properties, suitable for compression molding.
  • Package: 20KG/carton

Production Process: Silicone compression molding

When you need high volume more than 50,000. We recommend you use the LSR Material with platinum agent.

AppearanceHigh transparency, without obvious mechanical impurities
Density, g/cm31.11±0.031.12±0.031.13±0.031.14±0.031.14±0.031.15±0.031.15±0.03
Hardness, Shore A10±220±230±240±250±260±265±2
Tensile strength, MPa3.
 Elongation, %600700700600450400300
Tear strength, kN/m8101518222222
  • Hardness Range For silicone baby bibs: 55-65 shore A
  • The product is divided into two parts, A and B.
  • Good flow properties and fast-forming speed
  • Suitable for injection molding
  • Package: 200 kg/barrel

Production Process: LSR Injection Molding

When you need high volume more than 50,000. We recommend you use the LSR Material with platinum agent.

Reaching your marketing goal is easier if you start imprinting these Printed Silicone Baby Teethers with adding your logo, design, text or monogram for your upcoming event or get-together. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, reunions, etc! Just contact our expert send your designs and improve them by adding additional clip art or message for your event’s theme. You can also see how these item goes when printed. Jution is always ready to assist you with all of your customizing concerns! Contact Jution order silicone baby Teethers from us today!

Product (Silicone Baby Teethers)

About Customized Services & Certification

All the Silicone baby teethers that we made can pass FDA/LFGB/CPSIA/EU1935/2004/SGS/FDA/CE/EN71/CPSIA/AU/ CE/CPC/CCPSA/EN71. They are all made of 100% natural, BPA-free, and FDA or LFGB standard silicone material, environmentally friendly, easy-clean, quick-dry, waterproof, and have no residue making it. They are all Food Grade Silicone teethers.

Welcome any OEM and ODM service contact from you. The 5 silicone molding techniques in our factory: Silicone Compression molding, LSR injection molding, Silicone Extrusion molding, Silicone over-molding,Multi-color precision dripping molding. With Our experts are all here waiting for your inquiry!

Let every baby in the world use safe and eco-friendly silicone products

The safety of silicone baby products is our top priority for us.We believe that all mothers hope to use high-quality baby products for their babies.

Jution Silicone & Rubber (Dongguan) Co., LTD is certified by SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, SEDEX, BRC, FCCA, NBCU, and Disney

All the silicone baby Feeding, Toy, Care, and Accessories products in Jution Silicon are made of food-grade high-quality silicone materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, giving babies a sense of security, and giving mothers a sense of peace of mind. All the materials that we used have the certification: FDA, LFGB, and ROSH. REACH, PAHS, Phthalate Etc if needed.

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At the same time, silicone products are durable, not easy to stick to oil, and easy to clean. And silicone products are soft and skin-friendly, and the shape is simulated, which shortens the distance between the baby.

  • Supplier Selection: Supplier Quality Assurance – IPQC
  • Product Specification: Customer’s needs, Check the Product Specification, Function, Certifications and Packing. Golden Samples for Customer’s Confirmation and for Future Reference
  • In-Process Inspection: General Quality Benchmarks Employee Involvement: Education and Training, Inspection in Each Process, Initial Sample Reviewed with Every Production Run
  • OQC: Before Shipment Inspection, Our Factory Final Full-Inspection, Customer Hires 3rd Party for Pr-Shipment Inspection

The silicone baby feeding products what we made can pass:

USA Standard:

EU Standard
German §31 LFGB(LebensmittelBedarfsgegenstände-und Futtermittelgesetzbuch)

The silicone baby toy what we made can pass:

USA Standard:ASTM and CFR
ASTM F963-17 8.9 tension test,Standard-U.S.ASTM F963-17,U.S.CFR Title 16(CPSC Regulations),Mechanical and physical test,U.S.CFR Title 16(CPSC Regulations)Part 1500.3(c)(6)(vi)
flammability test on rigid and pliable solids, U.S.CFR Title 16 Part 1303 total Lead content, U.S.Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 Title I, Section 101 for total Lead content in surface coating

EU Standard:
(EU) No 1007/2011 Textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products
EN71-1:2014 for mechanical and physical properties
EN71-1:2014+A1:2018 for mechanical and physical properties
EN ISO 6330: 2001+A1:2009 washability of toys
EN71-2:2011+A1:2014 Flammability test
Tested components of EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 on the migration of certain elements Pass
EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 on the migration of certain elements & EU Pass
2017/738 amending 2009/48/EC(effective from Oct282018)for lead migration & EU2018/725amending2009/48/EC(effective from Nov 18,2019)for chromium(VI) migration

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Certified Design, Tooling & Production, All Under One Roof. Our one roof has 4 silicone molding technicals in our factory except the silicone tooling we can make in our factory, The 4-silicone molding technicals in our factory: Compression molding, and LSR molding. Multi-color precision dripping molding (Can get the 3D effect without printing) and Extrusion molding. 

The price depends on the size and structure. We can quote you in 24 hours when we get your drawing.

Silicone baby products Prototype mold or tooling: 199-1599 USD depending on the structure. Silicone baby products Mass production mold or tooling: 999-2999 USD.

The sample Silicone baby products’ mold time should be from 7-15 days. The high-volume production of Silicone baby products tooling needs around 4-12 weeks.

“Minimum order quantity” requirement to cover our cost of production, MOQ will be calculated independently.

  • For the existing tooling that we have. The MOQ is 20pcs.
  • For opening the new silicone tooling, The MOQ is 1000pcs.

Jution Silicone & Rubber (Dongguan) Co., LTD mainly produces custom orders or bespoke silicone products. We understand our customers’ needs to test the market with a newly developed product, so the MOQ we set is the fewest amount of units we can produce in one single production run.

Mostly 20 pcs is ok to put your printing logo on. And there will be a jig or film cost for printing the logo. The jig and film cost: 59-599USD depending on the different ways to put the logo on. Please share the image of the logo and pattern, we will review and reply accordingly to let you know the correct way to put your logo on.

The Custom-designed silicone baby projects are our main business. Creating well-designed and produced silicone baby products manufactured in China from scratch is what we were created for. We can support from starting point and creation.

We can customize shape, style, size, color, logo, Pattern, and package. We can customize the silicone baby products’ shape, style, and embossed logo by opening the new tooling. We do color matching for bespoke silicone baby products, you can either offer the Pantone NO. or a physical color sample for reference. Our color matcher will be able to replicate the color of the desired target.

We ship the orders to retail stores/distribution centers, and pallets both locally and globally.

For small trial orders, by air or by express: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc 3-7 days

For large orders, we arrange shipment by sea or by air according to your requirement.

By sea: 35-50 days depending on the Country

By air: 10-15 days depending on the Country

Yes, NDA /NNNA/NNN can be signed before you share your files. We respect your intellectual property rights and promise to keep your information confidential. NDA will be signed after we review the terms of the agreement.

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