Are Pacifier Clips safe to sleep with?

No. They’re not safe, so You should also avoid allowing your baby to sleep with the pacifier clip on. It is dangerous in the night with the clip on.

What is Pacifier Clips?

Silicone Pacifier Clips is made of 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, durable and easy to clean and maintain.  A pacifier clip attaches to your baby’s clothes with a metal or plastic clip that connects to a short cord. The other end of the pacifier has a string that you’ll loop through the pacifier to keep both connected.

The silicone clip pacifier holder is a great way to keep your little one’s favorite toy close at hand. They help you keep track of your child’s pacifier so soothing relief for little ones is always within reach. Say goodbye to losing the pacifier and the worry of getting the pacifier dirty!

Who needs the Pacifier Clips?

The new born baby, the kids, and the Children need the pacifier clips to keep them pacifier and toy within reach. The parents who hope to have a better-organized life and who want to keep their baby’s pacifier clean, safe, and accessible.

Less Likely To Lose the pacifier and teether, With a pacifier clip, you can keep the binky attached to your cutie’s clothing, carrier, car seat, or stroller Keep a spare clipped to their car seat or the handle of the diaper bag so you always know where it is.

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Baby Always Has Access to Their Pacifier

Without a pacifier clip, you’ll find yourself constantly putting the pacifier back into your little cutie’s mouth or hunting it down. Of course, when you can clip the binky to their clothing, your baby can grab their binky anytime they need it. And as a bonus, this helps your baby learn to self-soothe in a very controlled way. When they need a bit of comfort, they can easily access their pacifier and pop it into their mouth.

Some Clips Are Multi-Functional

The final reason every parent should have a pacifier clip is that it serves various functions. Some clips double as pacifier clips and teethers. This is perfect for your little one because it keeps their precious binky within grasp while also supplying them with a teether. Your little one may need something to chew on to soothe their gums. This is where a pacifier clip swoops in to save the day!

How to choose the Pacifier Clips?

  • Try to purchase from companies who independently test their designs to CPSC standards; Small Parts and Use & Abuse testing.
  • FDA passed
  • All the silicone Pacifier Clips jution silicone made can pass the FDA and CPSC standards

How to Clean the Pacifier Clips?

Steam sterilization -Always clean the pacifier clip, especially if your baby uses it as a teether. Most experts recommend sanitizing the pacifier daily, so aim to do the same with the clip.

How to make the Pacifier Clips?

Hade made: Buy some beads and clips to hand made the pacifier clips by yourself.

  • Loop cord through clip. …
  • Knot the cord about ½” from the bottom of the clip.
  • Run your lighter over your knot to fuse the knot.
  • Trim the excess length of the smaller piece of cord at the knot. …
  • Slightly melt the tip of your length of the cord so that you can begin beading.
  • Pull the bead up the cord and over the knot close to the top of the clip and pull the 7-8 beads on.
  • Pull the last bead up, and then knot the loop tightly underneath it.

Factory made:

  • Design the silicone Pacifier Clips according to clients needs
  • Make the silicone tooling for the Pacifier Clips.
  • Choice of the silicone raw material
  • Mix the silicone color according to your Pacifier Clips design
  • Compression molding or co-injection molding the Pacifier Clips. (curing)
  • Post-Curing (Bake in oven for 2-4 hours to meet FDA or LFGB Standard)
  • QC the Pacifier Clips
  • Quality control and testing

How much of the Pacifier Clips?

Pacifier Clips price depend on the brand and the material, it is from 4.99-16.99USD/pcs.

Final Conclusion

Silicone pacifier clip is a great baby accessory for the parents.  But never wear this clip if you can’t keep an eye on them, so don’t let your infant sleep with it. Although pacifier clips must pass specific regulations, these are not toys nor intended to be left with an unsupervised infant.

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