How many silicone bibs do I need?

That is a good question. At least 6pcs silicone bibs you need. When you are a little one, you may need the silicone bibs at least 2 from 3 months to 18 months. And then, you need the big size silicone bibs from 18-36 months, you need another 2 silicone bibs. When you are old and become not so agile, you may also need at least 2 pcs of silicone bibs.

So, 6 pcs silicone bibs are ok for your needs.

What are the silicone bibs?

The bibs are made of top food-grade silicone, The bibs are BPA free and phthalate free No bad odour, which is safe for your baby to bite on and does not hurt your baby’s skin. They may have a Waterproof pouch to ensure no spilling of food. The silicone bibs will make mealtime easier and more fun for parents and babies. The soft, food-grade silicone material is easy to clean and foldable. All the baby bibs in Jution silicone were made in Food Grade Silicone.

Why do you need the silicone bibs?

If you would like to less mess for your table and floor. You may need the silicone bibs.

Whether they’re an infant a toddler or older ages. Bibs are great for anyone who tends to make a mess while eating, The bibs catch any food that falls off the fork or spoon and can also help keep clothing clean.

Silicone bibs Come with 4 buttons to secure the bib around the neck of the baby, toddlers can’t pull it apart. They are also super adjustable, so they will fit perfectly no matter what size your little one is. And because they’re made from a flexible material, they’re comfortable to wear—even if your baby moves around a lot.

The silicone bibs made in Jution was fit the baby and kids needs.

The Advantages of silicone bibs with other bibs

  • Safety for baby: No toxin.BPA, lead, and PVC-free.
  • Easy to clean: Waterproof for easy cleaning. You can simply wash off food stuck on the feeding bib on the sink with dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. In addition, you don’t have to spend that much effort scrubbing off stains and crumbs. In some cases, you can use an alcohol-free wet wipe for small food stains.
  • Attractive Colors: The bibs can be designed in many different colors. To encourage babies to wear the bib. Waterproof pouch ensures no spilling of food.
  • Reusable, Durable, and Long-lasting Comfortable and Safe, The silicone bibs are Soft, flexible, and easy to store in any baby bag. They can be reusable, with long lasting. The adjustable neck makes the bibs more comfortable and safe.

Related FAQ

The baby in eating learning and for anyone who tends to make a mess while eating. For the babies, should be from 3 months to 36 months. You need them.

The baby, toddlers, kids – They can help Making mealtime fun with the colorful silicone bibs! All the silicone bibs are adjustable, durable, and easy to clean, The bibs can Keep your babies feeling comfy and clean with our fun-loving collection of silicone bibs. 

The Elderly- Providing not only protection against normal liquid or stains, our thick silicone adult bibs for eating can also isolate spilled hot water or soups, protecting you or your loved one from scalding.

At Jution silicone, we care about the people you love, so, the bibs we make are all BPA, lead, PVC-, and phthalates-free. No toxin.

Home eating, Hospital eating, Party eating, Camping eating, etc, The silicone bibs are Becoming the Go-To Meal Accessory for People Everywhere

Handwashing-Just use soapy or other detergent water to wash it off.

Wiping-When the spills bead up on the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Dishwasher -Please rinse off any crumbs or colored stains first before tossing it in your dishwasher.

All the 3 methods will usually get your bibs clean without any extra effort on your part and save you time in the long run. If you find that your bibs are still dirty. Please try using a little bit of white vinegar or lemon juice on the stains.

The common price is from 4.99-15 USD depend on the quality, pattern, brands. Normally, the high quality with the cute pattern printing, the price is higher. The blank without any printing pattern, the making cost is low. It is also depend on the package and the brands

In Jution Silicone, We custom the shape, size, color, pattern and brands for your silicone baby bibs. Contact us, if you would like to custom your logos silicone bibs.

With the Certification: IN USA  -FDA Approved  -CPSIA Compliant and California 65 BPA, lead, PVC-, and phthalates-free.

Adjustable neck Huge catch pocket Soft,  Platinum food-grade silicone 

How to make the silicone bibs?

  1. Design the silicone bibs according to your idea
  2. Make the silicone tooling for the silicone bibs
  3. Compression molding the silicone bibs and printed the bibs if needed.
  4. QC the silicone bibs
  5. Package the silicone bibs
  6. Final QC

See this link: Custom Silicone Baby Bibs to know more details

Final Conclusion:

Silicone bibs are a great meal time products for the keep the mess away for you.

Choose the perfect silicone baby bibs is pivotal for a safe and enjoyable feeding journey for your little ones.

Jution Silicone is a leading Silicone baby products factory, proudly offers wholesale solutions and custom OEM services tailored to meet your needs. Jution silicone commitment to bulk orders, wholesale distribution, and customizable silicone baby bibs designs ensures not just safety and durability but also versatility in mealtime solutions.

Whether you seek bulk silicone baby bibs, wholesale options, or customized OEM designs, Jution silicone stands as a reliable partner. With an unwavering focus on quality, safety, and personalized solutions, Jution silicone remains your ultimate destination for silicone baby bibs, catering to brands, retailers, and caregivers alike in the existing world of feeding essentials!

Contact Jution silicone to Bring your own brands bibs to the Market!

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